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Abeles & Heymann Established 1954:


Founded in 1954 by Oscar Abeles and his nephew Leopold Heymann, Abeles & Heymann has been dedicated to producing the most delectable, premium quality gourmet kosher hot dog and provisions for over 60 years. The business operated out of a 2,500 square foot facility in the Bronx until 2007.

The founding family’s high standards for quality, authenticity and mission to provide the finest kosher deli products and provisions available continue today. The commitment to manufacturing products under strict glatt kosher supervision is unprecedented. Abeles & Heymann has grown from a small niche brand, to a nationally recognized company with exponential sales growth.

Today, Abeles & Heymann’s vision extend beyond premium quality glatt kosher deli products. The state-of-the-art facility in Hillside, NJ expands the company’s offerings to include a private label program, and superior service that surpass any glatt kosher meat processor.

Abeles & Heymann is poised and ready to provide every customer with the ultimate experience in quality, service and glatt kosher products.  Customers range from independent kosher markets to major box stores, supermarket chains, stadiums and distributors. The A & H line is sold at Costco, Kroger, Citifield and DPI to name a few.

In 2007 A&H built a new 18,500 square foot facility to manufacture their provisions in Hillside, NJ. A&H provisions are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility built in November 2007. The plant is HACCP certified, USDA federally inspected, Third-Party audit approved.

Kosher Supervision is taken seriously at A&H. We have the kosher certification of three major kosher certification agencies to reach the broadest market possible. We are certified kosher by the O.U., Rabbi Yechial Babbad and Kehilla Kashrus. Our entire product line is approved for use at all Star-K establishments as well.

While A&H specializes in manufacturing and selling hot dogs, everything A&H  makes taste’s great. A&H produces traditional delicacies – pastrami, corned beef, salami, bologna and hot dogs. A&H also produces old world classics – beef fry, liverwurst, kishka, and cervelat. In addition A&H produces modern, better for you products – No nitrate added reduced fat and sodium hot dogs, knockwurst, and cocktail franks, beer flavored and whiskey flavored hot dogs and cognac salami. The company sells over 50 varieties of product.

Abeles & Heymann is an award winning brand recognized for premium quality and authenticity. A&H Hot dogs were ranked #1 by the St. Louis Post Dispatch, The New York Daily News and the Forward as recently as May 2013 beating out a major brand, Hebrew National owned by ConAgra.

Why does A&H taste better? A&H taste’s better because all items are produced in small batches using premium quality ingredients and then slow-cooked to perfection! All Abeles & Heymann products are manufactured using old world recipes, producing superb tasting products with consistency in quality.

A&H has strong brand and shelf image recognition in the glatt kosher market. A&H is the leader in consumer packaged all beef provisions in the retail glatt kosher market. Products are packaged for purity and consistency with ingredients meeting the highest standards. The company has an excellent reputation for service and in stock inventory and shelf life. A wide range of delicious products meet the varied needs of today’s consumer. 

A change in consumer spending habits has led the company to be at the forefront of innovative ideas. As more people look for better for you or healthier alternatives to hot dogs with chemical ingredients or as people have moved away from consuming beef A&H has sought out alternatives to capture additional market share. The company introduced a line of poultry hot dogs in addition to the no-nitrate added line of provisions.


Today, Abeles & Heymann is poised and ready to provide every customer with the ultimate experience in quality, service and glatt kosher products!
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Seth Leavitt